Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tonight I met the girls of my new lifegroup. Work kept me late, and there was a gas leak on harrodsburg road. I never thought I would get there! I had to walk in late which made me a little nervous, but the girls were so nice and welcoming. We did a few get-to-know each other games, ate dinner, learned about why Southland feels strongly about lifegroups and what their purpose is, and then worked out the details of when we would meet next which was not an easy task.

I was surprised at what a large group it is, but we finally settled on our first meeting being the first sunday in March. Some of us girls are going to get together Tuesday February 24th to see Brandon Heath (one of my favorite christian artists) play at Quest. I hope it works out that I can go. Since I don't know which job I am taking yet, it makes it hard to plan even a few days ahead without knowing my work schedule.

I accepted the job at Central Bank, but my heart is still hoping to get a call about the event planning job. I think I am going to call there tomorrow to see where they are in the interview process and if they have made a decision. I am hoping that by telling them that I have another offer they made speed up the process. Please say a prayer for me tonight.

I am going to get off here and read some more of my new book and watch the UK game. GO CATS!

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  1. Praying for the job, but He will make sure you end up where you belong.