Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I have to admit that Valentines hasn't always been my favorite holiday. Of course I didn't mind it when I had someone to share it with haha. But when your single it's easy to fall into the stay-at-home-and-throw-yourself-a-pity-party routine. But this year was different.

Patience for Mr. Right during this holiday can be trying. But for the first time in awhile I'm comfortable with just being alone. It is a freeing feeling. I realized that this is because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I finally figured out that he is enough. I have a relationship that any of my friends should be jealous of. He provides me with unconditional love, listens, protects, makes me feel special, provides, and comforts. You think finishing each other sentences is something. My man knows what I am going to say before I even say it.

The following books are great for your understanding of what it is to be in a deeper relationship with christ, and will really help you to see the many roles christ can fill:

I had heard people before talk about this, and wondered if I would ever have it. Contentment is a very serious thing. It lays to rest your doubts and fears and a peace just washes over you. I know that everything is going to be just as it was meant to be.

So, single ladies I know its easy to retreat to your couch with kleenex and a tub of ben & jerry's, and feel that you are the only single person left out there, but get up and go out the next valentines and you will witness what I did.

Instead of staying home alone tonight I went to church and taught my boys as usual, and then went to a movie with my mom and step-dad. What I realized is that this holiday isn't just about the love between a man and a woman, but about love in general. I saw mothers and daughters together, sons with their family, girlfriends hanging out, young couples and old couples. And I thought we are so lucky that we are able to connect with each other in such a deep way.

The world tells us that to be happy we have to have a man or woman(in the case of guys), but each of us is lucky to be loved at all. So remember not to take for granted your friends and family who are there for you through good times and bad. There are many people out there who would give anything to feel a love like that. I realized that by whining about not having a boyfriend not only was I offending God, but my family and friends. Making them all feel that they were not enough. But they are and I am so blessed to have such great support standing behind me.

After the movie I took some time for myself and did my pilates. I am now going to go enjoy a hot cup of tea, and watch The Property shop on HGTV! Hope everyone's valentines were everything they dreamed!

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  1. Great post girl! Authentic Beauty is the best book everrrr written. I would love to read it again but I gave it away to a friend.