Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Older..

Recently I have been given a sneak peak into what it will be like to get older. I never knew that corn pads and arthritis cream would be in my 22-year old vocabulary, but this week I managed to learn about both!

I adore heels. I have several kinds. Open toe, wedge, stilettos (my fave), practical pumps, strappy heels, tall boots, platform, and pointy toes. I love them!

Last week I began to notice the side of my pinky toe hurting on my left foot. I didn't think much about it, and kept faithful to wearing heels. By sunday I was literally limping to church. After church I took off my shoe and looked down to see there was a huge knot on my pinky toe. I have had blisters before and this did not look like anything I had ever seen. I called Dr. Mom and she told me I probably had a corn. Gross!
The left-hand picture is a corn. Mine does not look that bad, but it still hurts.

Here is WebMD's definition:
Friction causes the thick, hardened, dead skin of corns and calluses, which form to protect sensitive skin. Appearing cone-shaped, corns point into the skin, and usually occur on areas that bear little weight. Calluses may appear anywhere there’s friction, and are more diffuse. Both may be caused by ill-fitting shoes and will fade when friction stops. Moleskin pads can help relieve a corn; calluses can be trimmed or surgically corrected.
So, we went to the drug store and got an over-the-counter treatment and some corn pads which would cushion the foot making it less sensitive to shoes.

Wednesday came and my foot was still not feeling better, and I was really stressed I may never be able to wear heels again so I went to the doctor. He told me that things like these take time to heal and that it looked like it was healing perfectly well.

Then, I told him how during my pilates exercise my knee had been feeling some discomfort. He said it was most likely the result of wear and tear from my many years as a varsity dancer and cheerleader. He then prescribed me arthritis cream for my knee. haha. That gave my parents a big laugh..since neither one of them have had to use it yet.
So, all in all its been a pretty eventful week. No news yet on the other job..keep me in your prayers.

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