Monday, March 16, 2009


I swear there is no reason to call out a search party for me. I just have been uber busy lately. I haven't been able to find a time to myself.

So here's whats new:

New job at Bank is great! Everything is coming really easy and I havent made any terrible mistakes with money which gave me nightmares at first.

Church is better than ever! Most of you might remember that I started a women's bible study on Esther. Its amazing. Beth Moore is such a great speaker, this is my first time getting to see her in action. For the first 30 min of the study we watch a DVD of her teaching. I only wish I had more time to study. Lately I have been showing up to the study on Monday nights completely unprepared. All I have been able to fit in is the bible reading I havent made time to actually do the workbook yet, but the ladies in my study are great and we have really learned a lot from each other already.The study really focuses on how tough it is to be a woman. I know that God has brought us together to be a support system and I'm leaning on them more and more. A few weeks ago was the closest and most intimate we have been in our discussion. We really released are deepest fears and worries and by the end of our time together not a single eye was dry.

I also started a new lifegroup a couple of weeks ago. Things are going good we have hung out a couple of times. I have made friends with two of the girls in particular. The others I just haven't had a chance to get to know. I was sad that we have lost a few girls. Its just hard to be able to plan something that works with everyones schedules.

I also have made lots of new friends from the Space Between. Last weekend was my birthday and God could not have given me a better present than to place Godly friends in my life. Making a change in your life is not easy and at times it is lonely. It was the lonliness that had kept me returning to my same behavior before. But two thursday's ago I met some guys after TSB and they invited me to go out to eat after. Before I knew it I had received an invitation to go to a cookout the next day and then a movie the next night. I met probably 20 new people that weekend. The cookout was a blast. UK lost, but the food was great and we played corn hole and just hung out. That night I went with another group of ppl from church to see the International and then we went to Marika's and played darts and hung out until 2 am.

Well I have to get off here, and get ready for Dance Dance ( new fun class I'm taking at the gym). Talk to y'all soon!

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