Friday, January 30, 2009

I Might Lose My Head If It Wasn't Attached

I have always been really bad about misplacing things. My friends and family laugh when they here me utter those few words, "I think I lost...," followed by panic, then sobs, then anger, more sobs, and eventually their three favorite words "I found it!" I have never been good at hiding my emotions. As I get older I have learned to control them somewhat, but there is definitely room for improvement.

So, here I was getting ready for the concert. Amazed at how early I was ready. I had an hour to kill and I thought yes, now I can finally take a look at that book my dad gave me today. I had just sat down on my bed, cozied up under a blanket when I thought, "Oh, I can't forget my camera!" I jumped up out of my bed, and went to the closet threw open the doors and hunted for the clutch that I was sure it was in.

Not only did I not find my camera, but I also couldn't find my clutch. PANIC MODE ON. It must have just fallen my calm self says. STILL PANIC TAKES OVER. I frantically started digging out the bottom of my closet. Which is cluttered with things for my house wen I move out. NOPE NOT THERE. At this point tears are welling up in my eyes. I clean my entire room and my calm self tries to do its job. Don't panic, it never helps. I remember my mom's words, "trace your steps." But I keep tracing them and they always lead back to the closet.

I get a chair and start to search the top part of the closet. Five minutes later, I'm sitting on the floor with every purse, scarf and hat I own surrounding me thinking..why do I have so much stuff? Then it hits me. The open house. I had been on one of my quick cleaning jobs and stuffed some stuff in my bathroom closet.

I ran to my bathroom, opened the door and there was my clutch with camera safe inside.

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