Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Much Needed Advice

So, you know that diet I was talking about. Well, I have been on Jenny Craig for a little over 2 weeks and I've lost seven pounds. It seems as if the program is working but it is so expensive I don't think I can keep this up forever. I mean I had saved up a pretty good amount of money to move out, and it kills me everytime I have to touch my savings to pay for my diet. I wish I could be more self disciplined. It has never been one of my strong suits. So, I have been thinking about trying to go it alone. It feels different this time. Maybe because I want it so bad. But I haven't cheated on my diet at all like I normally would. I know all of you yo yo dieters out there like me know what I am talking about. So I am putting a poll to the side to see what you think I should do.

I know I promised pics this post, but until I lose this weight I have to be a slave to the gym and I am headed to yoga. So please HELP me decide and answer my poll.


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  1. Hope all is well with you... Miss you in the bloggy world :)